5Kapp: Electronix JunkBox

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So here is my application for the 5Kapp competition. It is basically a catalogue for keeping track of the contents of your electronics junk box (hence the name).


Recently I added quite a bit of electronics to my junk box. I started wondering how people know whether they've got a component they need in their box. The obvious way was to keep track of all the components one has. At first I thought that a spreadsheet might do the job, but as a programmer I could do better. So I decided to write a simple application that would do the job.


This application is written in Python 3 and uses SQLite database. It has a command line interface, where user can perform various tasks. Here is the list of commands:

  • add - add a new component
  • clear - clear the screen
  • dir - list available commands
  • exit - exit the program
  • find - search for a component
  • get - get a component by id
  • ls - list all components
  • man - read command manual
  • rm - remove a component
  • Command history and tab-completion will help to save some keystrokes.


Executable (bzipped)
Source (uncompressed)


I didn't do a screencast, but the screenshots are pretty informative.

Program started

dir command

manual for find command


adding a component
Note that autocompletion doesn't work perfectly :>

listing components

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